a party that is held outdoors in a street or other public place, often organized by the people living in the local area: The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee was celebrated with street parties.



More meanings for sälja i parti. wholesale verb  English — EnglishEdit. Partiers at a children's birthday party. part meaning in English » DictZone Swedish-English dictionary. part. part, suitor ▽.

Parti meaning in english

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Literally, it means "it left," though a better English translation is "here we go" or "here goes." It can also be used to mean "we're off." The phrase falls into the informal (familier) register, meaning it's something you would say to family or friends. Parti pris definition is - a preconceived opinion : prejudice. How to use parti pris in a sentence. Define parti. parti synonyms, parti pronunciation, parti translation, English dictionary definition of parti. n 1.

party noun.

Translations in context of "GOTT PARTI" in swedish-english. HERE are many translated example sentences containing "GOTT PARTI" - swedish-english 

Ett exempel kan göra skillnaden mellan begreppen tydligare. Ett partis  om registrering av Europeiska socialdemokraters parti.

Parti meaning in english

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Parti meaning in english

(Entry 1 of 4) 1 : match entry 1 sense 4b the Englishman whom she naively assumes to be an excellent parti — Times Literary Supplement. 2 : a good or desirable match you don't realize what a parti he is — Mary Manning. tirer parti de to take advantage of, to turn to good account. Translation French - English Collins Dictionary. See also: partie, partir, parti communiste, parti républicain. Parti definition, the basic scheme or concept of an architectural design.

Parti meaning in english

English to Sanskrit Dictionary: dinner-party. Meaning and definitions of dinner-party, translation of dinner-party in Sanskrit language with similar and opposite words.
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(Politics) party. le Parti socialiste the Socialist Party. 2.

n 1.
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Parti meaning in english karlskrona under torget
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intransitive verb. 1 (ponerse en camino) [+persona, expedición] to set off; [+tren, avión] to depart;de from;para for;hacia in the direction of; partiremos a primera hora de la mañana we'll set off first thing in the morning; la expedición partirá mañana de París the expedition will set out o depart from Paris tomorrow; partieron del puerto de Palos con destino a América they set sail for America from the port of Palos.

Tags for the entry "parti" What parti means in Hindi, parti meaning in Hindi, parti definition, explanation, pronunciations and examples of parti in party. noun. an occasion on which people can assemble for social interaction and entertainment. Example. - he planned a party to celebrate Bastille Day. a group of people gathered together for pleasure. Example. - she joined the party after dinner.